Raging Bull Trading

In addition to running his biotech stock trading program, Biotech Breakouts, Kyle Dennis is also a professional trader and educator with Raging Bull Trading, or also known as RagingBull.com. Raging Bull Trading is a trading program that was co-founded by professional traders Jeff Bishop and Jason Bond. Kyle joined Raging Bull after realizing that he was not interested in pursuing a career that involved a standard, 9:00-5:00 full-time job. He began experimenting with small investments in stock trading, before turning to successful trading professionals for advice. 

After an exhaustive search for a reputable educator, Kyle Dennis connected with two well-known names in the trading industry, Jason Bond and Jeff Bishop. After joining Raging Bull as a member, Kyle was told about Jason’s elite program, Millionaire Roadmap, which is a program that is specifically for traders that want to put in serious time to learn about the art of trading. With the help of their mentoring, Kyle found significant success. After completing Jason Bond’s former Millionaire Roadmap program as the first student to make $1 million in trading profits, Kyle Dennis joined Raging Bull Trading as a professional trader and educator.

Through Raging Bull’s program, both new and experienced students can learn about the ins and outs of stock trading through a comprehensive education, exclusive access to training modules from the experts, as well as access to a live-streaming of the experts’ personal stock trading portfolio. Additionally, Raging Bull members can learn about specialized areas of stock trading, which include Biotech stock trading with Kyle Dennis & Biotech Breakouts, options trading with Jeff Bishop & High Octane Options, and swing trading with Jason Bond & Jason Bond Picks

Additional Trading Programs

Kyle Dennis offers a number of additional programs through both Raging Bull Trading and Biotech Breakouts. Learn more about each program by clicking below: