The coronavirus has had huge impacts across all sectors of the economy. This has shown in the stock market more than in many other places. In March, when the lockdown started in many places, stocks started to dip. This was especially true for sectors like hospitality and travel. Since then, though, there’s been an incredible recovery. There are dozens of stocks that are performing very well right now in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amazon is one of the best stocks to be invested in right now. During the coronavirus, many brick and mortar stores were closed. Service providers like Amazon, who deliver directly to homes, became very important. They’ve even added thousands of workers during this crisis. That’s a stark contrast to the millions of unemployed in many other industries. Amazon has posted gains of over 25% so far this year. Always a good stock, it’s moved from strength to strength in 2020.

Another great stock to look into at the moment is Clorox. Clorox is always a good stock to own a few shares of. This brand’s products are always necessary and never more so than during a pandemic. Clorox bleach has been highly sought after in recent years for its germ-killing properties. In fact, it’s still hard to find products like Clorox’s wipes in some areas, even now. The stock price has increased by over 30% this year so far. The demand for these cleaning products is expected to remain steady.

Zoom Video Communications may be the biggest winner, stock price-wise, of this pandemic. Zoom’s user base has grown by millions over the past few months. Before the lockdown, it was gaining steam. Today, it’s essential for entire communities. Zoom’s software is being used for work meetings, family chats, and even church gatherings. Zoom has become so intuitive for so many people that it’s likely to remain popular, even after the lockdown ends.

Netflix was already well-established in American culture prior to the arrival of the coronavirus. However, this pandemic has led to more subscribers and an uptick in the use of this service. Keeping people entertained with original shows and beloved favorites was incredibly important during the long lockdown. Netflix’s stock has gone up over 33% so far in 2020.